One of the most often asked questions that I receive is if the Lectron System is still being produced and if so, where can it be purchased from.

Since 2001, Lectron, GmbH has been under the management of the Reha Werkstatt – Oberrad (RWO) located in Frankfurt, Germany.  Many new models have been introduced since 2001, all engineered by Mr. Gerd Kopperschmidt (photo on left). At least 50% of the blocks on the wall mount were created by him!

The new models can be purchased through the web store at or by sending an email to lectron at

Mr. Martin Pohl is one of the Lectron System order coordinators.

2 Thoughts on “ – Where To Buy New Lectron Systems”

  • i like to order Egger lectron experimentierbuch as soon as possible. I’ve read that your shop is not available at this moment. Can you inform me , as soon ordering stuff is possible? Thank you, Tobe

    • Hello Tobe and thank you for your email.
      I am actually only the owner and webmaster of the Lectron.Info website. is under the control of RWO located in Frankfurt.
      You can download the experiment book from my site under the documentation tab.
      Please let me know if you need further assistance.
      Best regards,

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