Mirroring the Egger product line, the Ausbausystem 1 was Braun‘s first extension model to their Grund-system. It contained the requisite blocks to perform another 30 experiments. The possession of the Grundsystem was required (battery block, instruction manual and base plate in particular) so that in concert with the Ausbausystem 1, a total of 50 experiments could be completed.

The focus of this model was ‘Modern Electro-acoustic and Radio Circuits‘ facilitated by the inclusion of a tuner block, antenna and speaker amongst other blocks.

Two versions were made of this model; Styrofoam packaging and vacuum formed plastic trays and a 1/2 size reduction in the packaging box size. As the Braun product line evolved, the packaging was changed from styrofoam to black plastic trays. Was this packaging design change made by the Braun Design Team under Dr. Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs or was the design change made by the Deutsche Lectron team? Another topic for research! In the Ausbausystem 1’s case, single plastic tray reduced the packaging size by 50%, leading to a higher profit margin for Braun and easier product management for Lectron System retail stores.