The Lectron.Info Museum Collection
White sleeve only with plastic internal cover (very rare) – 8000, 8200, 8300 (2nd version), and 8400. The first three units were acquired from Rudd Wittekoek of the Netherlands in December of 2012.

Color box 8000, 8100 (1st version), 8200, 8300 (1st version), and 8300 (2nd version).

Color box in white sleeve – 8000, 8100 (2nd version), 8300 (2nd version).

Wooden box  – 8300 which was an option only in the Netherlands.

Braun AG
White Box (Experimentiersysteme):

MiniSystem (1st version).
Minisystem (2nd version).
Expansion to MiniSystem.
Book Laboratory (What is Electronics? – German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, and English).
Grundsystem (8000 – 1st version).
Grundsystem (8000 – 2nd version).
Ausbausystem 1 (8100 – 1st version).
Ausbausystem 1 (8100 – 2nd version).
Ausbausystem 2 (8200 – 1st version).
Ausbausystem 2 (8200 – 2nd version).
Grund- und Ausbausystem 1 (8300 – 1st version).
Grund- und Ausbausystem 1 (8300 – 2nd version).
Labor 1 – Black styrofoam (8400) – 2nd version.
Labor 1 – White styrofoam (8400) – 2nd version.
Labor 1 – White styrofoam (8400) – Dutch wooden box.
Ausbausystem 3 (Computer Techniques).

1200 Schaltalgebra.
1300 (Demo size – Boolean Algebra).
3102 (Demo size of model 1102). 
3201 (Demo size of model 1200 – Schaltalgebra).
1102 (Elektrik I + II).
System 300 (Computer Techniques).

Blue Box (Schülerübungssysteme):
Grundsystem S.
Ausbausystem 1 S.
Grund- und Ausbausystem 1 S.
Ausbausystem 2 M (very rare version with Ausbausystem 2 label on cover and Ausbausystem 4 interior cover graphic).
Ausbausystem 3 S.

Labor Spezial SK I in 3 stacked metal tray packaging.
Sales representative cases – briefcase and suitcase models.
Bastelsatz Rundfunkempfänger (AM Radio) 100% unassembled kit.
Wechselsprechanlage (Intercom) 100% unassembled kit.
Baustein-Satz – Blister pack #690-4026 containing 100Kohm bias transistor, T block and ground block.

Raytheon Incorporated
Electronic Dominoes
800 (in white styrofoam).
800 (in white styrofoam – factory sealed).
820 (in Egger black styrofoam with Egger battery block – very rare).
820 (in Egger black styrofoam with Egger battery block and with Egger name plate – even more rare).
820 (in white styrofoam).

Raytheon initially sold the Egger 8400 with Lectron Laboratory Manual in English replacing Egger manual.

Lectron Series1, 2, 3, 3A, 4 and 5 models.

Add-on Kits1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 kits.
Supplementary manual for Add-on kit #6 and Add-on kit #7.

Creative Playthings
S822 Lectron LCIII including Creative Playthings branded instruction manual.
Creative Playthings branded Braun Hobby Set AM Radio Receiver (Bastelsatz Rundfunkempfänger) 100% unassembled including English language manual.

INELCO (Italian origin)
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 add-on models
All models included Italian language instruction manuals.
English language manual for the 2002 unit was also acquired in June of 2014 from the offsite Lectron RWO storage facility for Lectron System legacy era units and parts.
2001, 2002 and 2003 models with Spanish manuals.
A very rare Sistema 1102 – Elettricita ed Elettronica I-II model unit in the book format.  It came with two very rare INELCO sales brochures.

Kimble Products (Owned by Owens Illinois)
Mr. Wizard’s Experiments In Electronics I, II and III models.
Fun With Electronics – Lectrolab (sadly, only the manual).  For my acquisition, the manual was shipped in a Raytheon branded Series 1 version 2 model box with extra blocks.

Lectron, GmbH (MW era)
Special Laboratory II with English manual set in black plastic carrying case with handle (very rare).
Ausbausystem für Buchlabor (Red Book – INELCO branded).
Buchlabor (plastic cover top).
Minisystem (White Book – INELCO origin).
Ausbausystem für Buchlabor (MW era box).
Grund- und Ausbausystem 1 S (MW era box).
Trainer 1100.
Ausbausystem 2 M model (MW era box).
Ausbausystem 3 (prototype collection – only one in existence) using 4x sized demo blocks.
Ausbausystem 4 (Kybernetics II).
Ausbausystem 5 (Kybernetics III and Power Systems inc. Lectron Motor).
Physik Experimentell model.
Funktionsmodelle model (stand alone).
Numerous Funktionsmodelle model blocks.

Lectron, GmbH (RWO era)
1001 – Book Laboratory model.
1002 – Einsteiger-System 
1003 – Start-System 
1004 – Ausbau-System 
1005 – Kraft-Fahrzeug-Elektronik 
1006 – 
Optoelektronik & Solar-Technik model.
1007 – Digital-Technik model.
1008 – Zähler & Schrittmotor 
1011 – Digital-Technik 
1012 – Operations-Verstärker model.
1013 – 
Schwellwert & Majoritäts-Logik model.
1014 – Schwingungen & Resonanz model.
1015 – PLL-Technik 
1016 – Neurophysiologie 2 
1018 – Genregulation Autoren 
1102 – Übungs-System 
1103 – Elektronik AG 
1104 – Übungs-Ausbau-System 
1105 – Solar-Technik 
1106 – Magne-tismus 
1107 – Digital-Technik 
1110 – Radio-Technik 
1113 – MW & UKW Radio 
1120 – Radio-Röhrentechnik 
2488 – FM Stereo Receiver block collection (5 blocks in all).
2603 – Motor-Baustein block.
2619 – Digital-Voltmeter block.

Three Worlds
Rebranded Raytheon Series 3 A model.

Ideas For Education
Braun (LectronMW era) rebranded Ausbausystem für Buchlabor model (very rare).

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The 1102 model issued directly by INELCO is an extremely rare unit, made more so by being acquired in its original box!  This unit is therefore in brand new condition complete with a heretofore not seen marketing brochure and parts catalog.

The heretofore never seen Raytheon Series 4 model was acquired.  While not in the best of condition, this very rare unit is a welcome addition to the Lectron Museum!


A unit (#690-4026) from the extremely rare Baustein-Satz product line. 

Originally developed by Egger-Bahn as an accessory line, their offering was never productized.  Braun offered the Baustein-Satz line for only about a year (1968 – 1969) during their ownership of the Lectron System (1967 – 1972).  

A mostly intact LectronMW era Ausbausystem 4.  This is a comparatively rare model and not many were sold back in the day.  

Many thanks to Herr Knut Mehnert for making the acquisition possible!

A very rare Braun model 1200 complete with metal stacking tray and Q and A learning cards!  

The Ausbausystem 5 is an extremely rare model exclusive to the LectronMW era and came up for auction in the usual place in May of 2020.  I was fortunate to be the winning bidder.  Unfortunately, no manual came with this unit but it is still a prized model in the Lectron.Info museum.

Many thanks to Herr Knut Mehnert for making the acquisition possible!

Finally, after many years, I was able to acquire the Mr. Wizard’s Experiments in Electronics – Model III!  It appeared on eBay this very day as a ‘you might be interested in this’ listing.  Sometimes a direct search filter does not work on eBay so I was fortunate to have had this result show up. 


Another rarity – an Ideas For Education branded Lectron, Gmbh – MW Era Ausbausystem für Buchlabor.  The pre-auction owner is (as of 2019) an American living in England and was a teacher of mathematics.  This is the only such branded model that I have seen since my Lectron System research began in 2012.

A set of three very rare Egger Lectron marketing blocks (first seen in 2019).

Very rare Owens-Illinois (Kimble) branded Lectrolab instruction manual. For my acquisition, it was shipped in a Raytheon series 1 version 2 model packaging.  Perhaps included at the end of Kimble’s inventory of the Mr. Wizard Experiments in Electronics packaging given the manual’s copyright date of 1974.  Lectroneers will recall that Owens-Illinois acquired the entire remaining Raytheon Lectron System inventory sometime in late 1972 to early 1973.

Braun model 1200 learning cards in original packaging.

Second Braun small sales case acquired. First such unit acquired on 2014-JAN-26.

Braun System 300 acquired.

Raytheon Electronic Dominoes Model 820.

Lectron, GmbH – RWO era Start-System 1003.
Egger Lectron Labor Lectron I (8400) – Version 1.

A second rare Three Worlds branded Raytheon Series 3 A model.  The first unit was acquired on 2016-AUG-12.

Lectron, GmbH – MW era Ausbausystem 2 M model.

A very rare Italharvey branded Lectron 2000 System (Buchlabor).

Very rare Braun Intercom Kit, 100% unassembled.

Lectron, GmbH – MW era Ausbausystem für Buchlabor model.

A very rare INELCO System 2005 model – Telephone amplifier.

Acquisition of a rare Egger Lectron 8300 in a wooden storage box that was only sold by two Dutch distributors – Technowa and Reyne En Zonen.

Raytheon Series 3A (version one) model acquired. Note the absent red arrow sticker. This is a very rare model as the bulk of the Series 3A units were the version two model which included the supplementary no. 1 manual.

Raytheon edition of Egger 8400 version two edition acquired complete with rare Lectron Laboratory Manual.

With the support of my research colleague Günther Stabe, and the eBay friendship of an auctioneer from Bremen, Germany, I was able to acquire the Lectron – MW era Funktionsmodelle model! 98% complete (just missing some auxiliary parts), this model is very rare in any condition.

Acquisition of a very rare 100% unassembled Creative Playthings branded Braun Bastelsatz Rundfunkempfänger (Hobby Set Radio Receiver) in excellent condition.

Proof of a Japanese version of the Book Laboratory model discovered! INELCO was well known to have published multiple language versions of the text in Western European languages. Mr. Manfred Walter had alluded to a Japanese version of this model in a 1995 letter to a potential distributor (Boko Trading) in Taiwan. I had wondered whether or not this model actually existed but finally found proof of it earlier in January of 2016.

Physik Experimentell model acquired! My thanks as always to my research colleague Günther Stabe for making me aware of this auction. Very rare and first time seen on eBay since 2012 when I first started searching for Lectron System acquisitions.

Acquisition of very rare Raytheon Add-On kits #6 and #7.

Acquisition of rare Raytheon Add-On kits #2 and #5.

Acquisition of a second unit of Kimble‘s Mr. Wizard’s Experiments in Electronics II. This unit included the very rare Braun ENGLISH versions of the MiniSystem and MiniSystem extension booklets. Only the cover of the Kimble manual was provided in the box. Evidently, Kimble started selling the Model II before their version of the manual was ready and they included the Braun booklets as a stop gap measure. Kimble’s language and approach to the electronics subject matter was greatly simplified as it was geared to a child hobbyist.

Acquisition of the Deutsche Lectron era Lectron System manufacturing film. New photos added to the Deutsche Lectron page. I am indebted to Mr. Rolf Nitzsche for making the acquisition of the film possible.

The 1966 Nürnberg Toy Fair 4 page brochure announcing the Egger Lectron to the professional toy manufacturing community. Acquisition made possible by Mr. Rolf Nitzsche.

Acquisition of Creative Playthings SB22 Lectron LCIII model.

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