t was not until early 2015 that I was finally able to identify who the designer and author was for the Curriculum Kybernetik I and II curriculums. It was Edzard Timmer. My research colleague, Günther Stabe, paid a visit to Mr. Timmer in the Summer of 2015. Sadly Mr. Timmer was not well enough to converse with Mr. Stabe but Mr. Timmer’s wife and daughter gave many Lectron System related documents and photos to Mr. Stabe for Lectron.Info‘s archives.

The extraordinary 3 tier vehicle!

The Curriculum Kybernetik I was listed in the Braun catalog as a Schülerübungssysteme product line model. It was also a standalone model which meant that all the blocks and components were included to go through all the experiments in the the Kybernetik 1 Lehr-und Lernkartei (teaching and learning cards) documentation.

Some of the Curriculum Kybernetik I components were included with the Schülerübungssysteme Ausbausytem 2 M model. These included the Kybernetik I Lehr-und Lernkartei, long cables, and two motors.