The Ausbausystem 2 M was the Schüle-rübungssysteme replacement for the Ausbausystem 2 (8200) model and, unlike any of the other ‘S’ models, was a hybrid. The Ausbausystem 2 M coupled the Ausbausystem 2 with several of the Curriculum Kybernetik 1 components (long cables, additional relay blocks, 2 motors, and the large ‘D’ cell battery holder). Experiments 72 – 90d from the regular base instruction manual constituted the Elektrik III curriculum. There was no separate Elektrik III Lehr-und Lernkartei (teaching and learning cards) documentation as there was for the Elektrik I and II.

The Lehr-und Lernkartei manual from the Curriculum Kybernetik 1 was also included with the Ausbausystem 2 M in the A4 format.  Unfortunately, the manual was only published in German.  I do have a little syllabus summary in English for the Kybernetik 1 that the Ideas For Education company produced for their branding of this model.

Edzard Timmer circa 1966 in his classroom.

It was not until early 2015 that I was finally able to identify Edzard Timmer as the designer and author of the Curriculum Kybernetik I and II models.

The original Braun layout of the Ausbausystem 2 M as shown in their multi-page color brochure. I have not seen this version of the 2 M on eBay. I am not sure if the 2 M was ever productized in this particular layout (take note of the 3 relay blocks).

The ones that I have seen (and acquired) have this layout (2 relay blocks). Note the 4 cell ‘D’ battery ‘Akkumulator‘ needed to supply the necessary current and voltage for the two motors. A nine volt transistor battery would not have worked! None of the publicity pictures of the assembled ‘car’ show the battery pack used for the motors.

The Braun box labeling also had multiple variations: Ausbausystem 2 (likely a printer error, hence the next version with the M stamp).

Ausbausystem 2 M (with the M stamped on the label).

Finally, the proper Ausbausystem 2 M label.

The experiments and subject matter reviewed in the Kybernetik I instruction manual focused on Regelung und Phototaxis (control and phototaxis (movement of an organism toward or away from a source of light)) and progressed to the unique construction of a motorized vehicle whose steering could be controlled by using a flashlight focused on the photocell blocks.

To build the ‘car’, a separate kit had to be ordered (Fahrgestell). This kit was included with the standalone model, the Curriculum Kybernetik 1.

The publicity photo below shows the completed motorized vehicle experiment situated in an improbable scenario – descending a mountain in broad daylight! I doubt that the photo cell aspect to the experiment worked outside. Also, notice that the Egger battery block (switch and 2 cover screws) was used in the following 2 publicity photos rather than the Braun battery block. The Egger battery block was not shipped in the production run of the Ausbausystem 2 M.

The assembled frame of the ‘car’ on which the base plate (the same type as the one used in the Ausbausystem 3 model) was placed to hold the blocks needed to control the motors and conduct the various experiments. Notice the ‘off the shelf’ furniture caster rear wheel.

The graphic below profiles the various experiments based upon categories.