Professor Dr. Stefan Bornhold is a noted world authority and sought out lecturer and speaker on numerous subjects relating to the Modeling of Genetic and Neural Networks including Statistical Physics of Complex Networks – Boolean Networks, the Application of Statistical Physics to Economy and Finance, Socio- and Econophysics and Complex Networks:  Internet and Society, Neural Networks: Development, Learning and Criticality, and Boolean Models of Genetic Networks.    He has a very long publication list of important contributions to the literature on these topics. He teaches and lectures all over the world with his academic ‘home’ being the Universität Bremen – Institut für Theoretische Physik.

The Lectron System, recognized as a suitable platform to explore both analog and digital electronics, chemistry, and biology was once again chosen by Dr. Bornhold to illustrate Gene Regulation.

In close cooperation with Mr. Gerd Kopperschmidt, a former engineer with Siemens Corporation, he developed the most recently released model – the 1018 covering the topic of Gene Regulation experiments.