The Electronics II model was released in 1973 and featured 48 experiments.  

The packaging box was larger than the Electronics model.  The dimensions of the box were akin to those of the Braun MiniSystem model and in fact had the same block types and count.

Interestingly, as I found out from a second unit acquisition of this model in March of 2014, Kimble started selling this model before their own version of the instruction manual was ready. Kimble initially shipped this model with just the cover of their version (there were no staple marks in the binding of the cover seen in this unit) and added the two Braun MiniSystem booklets in the English translation. Kimble used the 50 experiments shown in the Braun booklets but greatly simplified the language and subject matter detail to be more suitable for their targeted lower school demographic.

The complete Mr. Wizard instruction manual was shipped in later units.

Just like the Braun MiniSystem version 2, the Electronics II model adopted the same cheap, thin base plate. It also had no discernible branding unlike the Electronics (I) model which used the Raytheon base plate with the Raytheon branding still intact. There were three holes in the packaging but two were not used as Kimble moved the earphone blocks to the top and taped the wiring in the small cut out area. The other standalone hole was used for the light bulb. In the Braun Minisystem version 1 model which had the Styrofoam packaging, the three holes were evenly lined up on the same horizontal plane.

The Electronics II model featured 18 blocks, just like the Egger and Braun Minisystem models. The 2 transistor radio schematic also shows 2 earphone blocks being used. Two earphone blocks were provided with the Electronics II model so that the experimenter would not have to borrow one from a friend as in the Electronics (I) model’s version of the experiment. The ‘loose’ 10K resistor of the Electronics (I) model was replaced with a 10K resistor block.  

With the addition of the uniting ‘L’, separating, tuner, and grounded component substitution blocks, the Electronics II Mr. Wizard’s instruction manual featured 48 experiments including the two transistor AM radio. No speaker block however!

The complete instruction manual may be viewed/downloaded from the Kimble documentation page.