2021-JUN-17:  Well it has admittedly been too long but I have finally completed all model pages for the entire Lectron.Info site.  LectronMW and LectronRWO models are now profiled with text, photos and layouts. 

I hope that these updates will prove useful to all Lectroneers and Lectron System researchers. 

Best regards, Michael.

4 Thoughts on “Comprehensive Page Additions and Updates Completed”

  • Hello Mark,
    You are asking about a product using the name Lectron (like the automotive parts company) that does not relate to the original company Lectron, GmbH which makes the Lectron System which use blocks with electronic components with magnetic connections to create working circuits.
    Please accept my best regards and wishes for your research.
    Michael Peters

  • Hello

    Reference Lectron PA50 PRE AMPLIFIER

    Enquiring after information regarding this amplifier , in English

    User Instructions Guide

    Engineers Service Manual including Circuit Layout

    As would like to check all is working correctly as sourced online with no documents. Confirm components are reading correct values with the correct voltages when in use

    Would also like to be sure set to correct voltage tapings for use in the U.K. before deciding to use.

    Thanks Mark

  • Hi Michael,
    Thank you for the page updates.
    I will have a look at these.
    When I find some time I will post also some new circuits in Ideas exchange.
    Many greetings

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