1003 – Start-System

The Start System model (1003) replicates the original Egger 8300 model (8000+8100). There are minor differences, such as the tuner block being reallocated to the Expansion model (1004).

There are however a few non active component blocks missing such as the resistor, capacitor, transistor, and inductor substitution blocks where any value component could be inserted into the holes in the top white cover of the block. All the original PNP transistors with bias resistors were also replaced with NPN transistors. The relay block also had a diode added across the coil to eliminate ‘chattering’. Two high quality base plates were also included.

The layout of both the 1003 and 1004 models.

The authors of the manual are properly credited as Georg GregerJoachim Schubert (the original authors going back to the original Egger Lectron System released in 1966) and the current author Gerd Kopperschmidt who made the necessary instruction manual and schematic updates to reflect the negative ground standard.

The manual is available here.