The Braun Labor Lectron 1 (8400) model mirrored the Egger 8400 version two model but with one notable exception. The blue top and bottom border of the Egger deluxe base plate was replaced with a light gray color on the Braun unit. Initially, the Braun 8400 used the Egger black styrofoam packaging but switched to the white styrofoam packaging once the former’s supplies were used up.

The Labor Lectron 1 appeared in Braun’s first price list of 01-SEP-1967. It’s last known price list appearance was 01-JAN-1968. It was not listed on the 15-APR-1969 price list. It was replaced with the Laborsysteme models of Special (sic), Grund and Ausbau 1 in the 01-APR-1970 price list. The latter two models were discontinued and only the Special remained as the renamed Labor Special SK which was first listed in the 01-MAY-1971 price list. The Labor Special SK was shipped in vertical stacking metal trays holding the plastic block trays.

The below photo shows a Braun branded Labor Lectron 1 with the Egger black styrofoam that I was able to acquire.

The reader can see that the Braun label covering up the word ‘Egger’ on the bottom left of the layout drawing is starting to peel off. In all fairness, it has been over 45 years! The box side panels also had a similar label strategically applied to the various spots where the word Egger had been.

The photo below shows a different Braun 8400 that I acquired with the Egger black styrofoam but notice that the Egger battery boxes (with the 2 screws and on/off switch) have been replaced with traditional Braun battery boxes. Unfortunately, there was no box or sleeve with this acquisition.

The completely transitioned Braun Labor Lectron 1 after all the Egger packaging supplies (black styrofoam and battery boxes) had been exhausted.