The Series 3A is a bit of a curiosity as to why it was even created in its first version iteration as it only supported 22 experiments just like its Series 2 model counterpart. 

The second version supported 64 experiments.

An appealing feature for the Series 3A was the substitution of the small base plate used with the Series 1 – 3 for the deluxe base plate from the Egger and early Braun product lines.

As previously mentioned, there were two versions of the Series 3A model. There were very few units of the version 1 model released before the 64 experiment version two model was released. Why was a 22 experiment model with the deluxe base plate and special packaging made when the Series 2 already existed? Another mystery.

The box packaging was very similar to the Creative Playthings LCIII box packaging and remained the same for both versions one and two. Unfortunately, no original layout photo has been found. No parts list has been found either.

The major unique feature about the Series 3A was that additional blocks including the speaker block were added for the version 2.  None of the other Series models were expanded this way, only the supplementary manual no. 1 was added to increase the experiment count.

A representative example from the supplementary manual no. 1 of an experiment that could only be performed with the version two Series 3A model.