The Labor Spezial SK I, II, III and Spezial models, a continuation of the Braun Labor Spezial model, had varying content, model names and model #s over the years. This situation made for a difficult encapsulation of this product line over time. 

This product line started in the first LectronMW price list of 1972-NOV-01 detailing the Labor Spezial (8100020 – 830 DM) and Labor Spezial SK  with power supply (8140021 – 1048 DM) to the last LectronMW price list of 2001-MAR-01 detailing the Lectron Labor I  (8100065 – 598 DM), Lectron Labor II (8100066 – 898 DM), Lectron Labor III (8100067 – 1198 DM) and Lectron Labor Spezial (8140022 – 1998 DM).

The below photo is an inaccurately identified Labor Spezial I as it includes the Ausbausystem 3 S components.

LectronMW Labor Spezial I

The photo below accurately identifies the Labor Spezial II model but the photographer has simply moved the trays and documents around to make it look different from the photo used above for the Labor Spezial I model.

LectronMW Labor Spezial II

The Lectron Labor Spezial III model included the Schrittmotor (stepper motor) and Leistungselektronik (power electronics) in addition to the content of the Labor Spezial I and II models.

LectronMW Labor Spezial III

The Lectron Labor Spezial without any I, II, or III nomenclature (8140022) listed in the 2001 price list included all Lectron courses of study (Kfz, Solar, W/T and NPN courses but NOT the Biotechnik one).  No known extant photo of this model exists.

The Labor Spezial II model that I acquired featured English manuals in it (from the Braun era) and I purchased it back in 2012 from an American eBay seller.  No motors from the 2M course of study were provided. 

Labor Spezial II – English Version

This remains an extremely rare model especially in this all English manual version.  The silver branding decal on the inside of the case lists Mr. Walter’s last business address: 55 Limburger Street, Niedernhausen, GERMANY.