Dipl.-Ing Mr. Joachim Schubert‘s primary role in the Lectron System world was the creation of the Braun Ausbausystem 3 and System 300 (stand alone) models during 1968 and released for sale in 1969. The Ausbausystem 3 and System 300 explored the new up and coming world of digital circuits and computation.  This model was developed under the supervision of the Lectron System inventor, Mr. Georg Greger through Deutsche Lectron, GmbH.

In August of 1966, Mr. Schubert authored an article about the Lectron System for Elektronik, a respected technical journal of the day.

Mr. Schubert was also listed as a contributor in the Egger Lectron (and later Braun) 90 experiment instruction manual that shipped with both the Egger and Braun 800x models.  It is very likely that Mr. Schubert was also one of the circuit designers for the Egger Lectron models.

As of this writing (2019), I have not been able to find out any more information about Mr. Schubert.  More will be added to this page when discovered.