8000 – Grundkasten
The 8000 was the base model supporting 20 experiments. The 8000 (and the 8300 and 8400) model(s) included the instruction manual detailing a total of 90 experiments. The manual was divided into 3 sections with 20 experiments for the 8000, 30 experiments for the 8100, and 40 experiments for the 8200 model. This was intelligent marketing to whet the appetite of the Lectron System enthusiast so that s/he would want to upgrade to the next model.

A clever packaging design was featured in both the 8000 and 8300 models. The reader will note in the  graphic to the right that there is a small area of the ground plate showing through the gaps of an assembled multi-vibrator circuit on the left side of the packaging. If the battery block was switched on (with a live battery) and placed in the rectangular gap adjacent to the right-hand side of the light block, the circuit would function. Instant gratification!

A large blue edged deluxe base plate was also included in the models 8000, 8300 and 2 base plates were included with the 8400.

A placard was included with each model so that keeping track of the blocks was easy.  Braun discontinued this practice as a cost saving measure.

The 8000 model (with the instruction manual removed) with all the blocks intact. Each Egger model used a black colored Styrofoam mold to hold the blocks.

Braun would use the same Egger Styrofoam packaging mold at the beginning of ownership but had Deutsche Lectron change the color to white.  Within a year or so, Braun substituted the Styrofoam mold packaging to  cassette trays to hold the blocks in yet another cost saving measure.

The Raytheon Education Company, (through Deutsche Lectron), would also transition to the use of the Braun white Styrofoam mold packaging for the release of their Electronic Dominoes models 800 (originally the proposed Egger Mini-Lectron) and 820 (originally the Egger model 8100 as you can see from the model number stamp in the upper left hand corner).

In what would be a common practice, old supplies of packaging molds and even battery blocks would be used until those supplies were used up.  For example: I have several Raytheon model 820s which used the black Styrofoam packaging mold shown immediately above until the white version was transitioned to as shown immediately below. 

Similarly, the Egger era battery block with the 2 screws and power switch were  initially shipped with the Raytheon 800 and 820 models. 

The Braun battery block would later be introduced to the 800 and 820 line and was also used exclusively for the Raytheon Series 1 – 5.