The Grundsystem S was the Schülerübungssysteme version of the Grundsystem (8000) model. In addition to the 90 experiment manual, the 1100 model’s Elektrik I Lehr-und Lernkartei (teaching and learning cards) documentation. The A4 format documentation was published in German, French, Italian, and English. The A5 format documentation was only published in German.

The Braun proof photo below shows the original layout of the model. Unfortunately, a layout photo of the Grundsystem S model was not published in any known Braun documentation. Curiously, the thermister and photo cell blocks, which had been in the original Grundsystem model, were moved to the Ausbausystem 1 S model.

The note on the left was attached to the above proof photo and acknowledged the missing photo cell and thermister blocks and listed the part numbers.

The LectronMW era version of the model had the thermister and photo cell blocks returned to the Grundsystem S model while removing them from the Ausbausystem 1 S model as shown below.  It is confusing to know what the right layout should be because Mr. Walter continued to use the Braun packaging until those supplies were exhausted.

One way to differentiate between the original Braun and the Lectron-MW era versions is that the 90 experiment manual was reworked (diagrams and verbiage printed on the same page for most of the experiments) and branded with the Lectron brand (3 squares underneath the word Lectron).