Braun has always had an effective sales force to market and sell their various product lines and the Lectron System product line proved to be  no exception. In addition to the frequent attendance at various industry shows, with Mr. Manfred Walter at the helm, individual sales representatives were equipped with tools needed to present and demonstrate the Lectron System in an engaging and interactive way to prospective clients. One tool was the sale representative’s presentation case.

I am currently aware of two sales representative case models – a briefcase size model and a larger suitcase size model.

A special thanks to my research colleague Günther Stabe for making the acquisition of the Briefcase Model possible. He immediately purchased it within two hours of its appearance on eBay and made me aware of the other items available for acquisition. This is turn led me to the acquisition of the Suitcase Model. I am indebted to Mr. Jake Schultz for ultimately making both these acquisitions possible. These are truly very rare items in the Lectron System world and they are presented here for Lectron.Info museum visitors!

Briefcase Model

The briefcase model featured a mechanical pointer and among other items, two PCB boards and a Mini-system instruction manual. The case measured 15.75″ Length x 12″ Width.

Of the two PC boards, the one on the left was the productized Rundfun-kempfänger (AM radio). I received one of these as a birthday present in 1968!  The one on the right was from the never released Schall-pegelmesser (Sound Level Meter) kit – it was listed in the first Braun price list of 1967-SEP-01 but was removed by the next price list in 1968, never to appear again.

The briefcase also contained a functional basic AM radio with additional blocks. The instruction manual for the Mini-system model in the small case did not feature this radio experiment so why was it included?. The AM radio experiment was in the ‘regular’ instruction manual. 

In the briefcase, behind the top front panel, a full size sales brochure was included along with two pages detailing the AM radio with accompanying schematic.

This sales case was very similar to the demonstration case that Mr. Max Gürth had created to show new circuits that he had designed to review Mr. Georg Greger (the inventor of the Lectron System).

Suitcase Model
For a more comprehensive demonstration, the suitcase model, measuring 22″ x 14″, was the right tool for the job.  Additional sales materials were added to the case to provide a more detailed sales presentation to academic institution management for example.

The large case featured a full size Egger era deluxe ground plate (blue trim) that had the tilt stand removed and was attached to the case. The lid of the case had a Braun 8300 (Grund- und Ausbausystem 1) styrofoam mold glued into it. There was a smaller compartment in the bottom of the case on the right which was topped with a metal lid and held closed with a strong magnet. The compartment was sized to store demonstration sized sample blocks.

The base plate tilted up to expose a large storage area. The shown Braun name embossed binder featured an eighty page sale presentation document entitled “Braun Lectron Opens A New Market“.  This was a very statistics oriented document and also profiled several of the prototype models which were never productized.