1016 – Ausbausystem: Neurophysiologie 2 (Neurophysiology 2)

The Neurophysiologie 2 is an Ausbausystem (expansion) only model and requires the possession of model 1011 (Digital-Technik) and model 1003 (Start-System). The 1016 has its roots in the Funktionsmodelle model from the Lectron – MW era. It is one of the most sophisticated models in the current Lectron System product line and featured several new and innovative blocks.

This model teaches how the nervous system works through the use of electronic circuit demonstrations simulating the nerve cell membrane to nerve cell circuits (dendrite -> synapse -> axon).

If additional blocks are purchased (including the EKG Simulator and Stimulator blocks) additional experiments can be done exploring the human heart. There is even a block with three RCA jacks to allow cables to be connected and used as electrodes to test one’s own heart!

This model was designed as a collaborative effort between Dr. Gerd Käuser (Speaker in the Dean’s Office of the Department of Medicine at Marburger University) and Mr. Gerd Kopperschmidt.

There was a version 1 (no longer available and possibly not even sold). The updated version 2 was completed in 2010. Dr. Käuser died on 2011-SEP-26.

The basic layout without the ‘premium’ blocks.

Mr. Wolfgang Schrank (Managing Director) and MWP during my first visit.

On my first visit to Lectron, GmbH in November of 2013, I purchased, as my first Lectron-RWO model, the complete 1016 model with all the extra blocks (including the Heart block, EKG block and DaVinci Man block) so that I could perform all of the profiled experiments in the manual. The fiber optic cable is not shown in the photo below but was also purchased.

The instruction manual can be downloaded/reviewed here.