Here is a select representation of documentation that viewers will find helpful and interesting. 

Egger-Bahn was 100% behind the Lectron System and made a broad effort to engage the hobbyist, the student, the teacher, and the engineer!  The brochures provide a great overview of the Lectron System. 

For pure history importance – the Is There Something Special brochure is the 1966 document that was presented to show visitors when the Lectron System was first announced.  It is a very rare document to be sure!

The manual is quite large in size and will need to be explicitly downloaded through the link as the Google preview function has a self-imposed file size limit.

These links go to my Google Drive account.

Article – Elektronik – By Joachim Schubert – GERMAN

Brochure – Electronics Easily Understood – GERMAN

Brochure – Is There Something Special? – GERMAN

Brochure – Lectron Prospectus – GERMAN

Brochure – Lectron System Overview – GERMAN

Brochure – More Than A Teaching Aid – GERMAN

Brochure – Tri-Fold – GERMAN

Catalog – Egger-Lectron Block Catalog – GERMAN

Manual – 90 Experiments – Primary Instruction Book – GERMAN

Manual – Addendum A – GERMAN

Manual – Addendum B – GERMAN