Not having been able to find a comprehensive INELCO product manual showing the book type models, I fortunately seem to be discovering INELCO branded book models every now and then.  Until now, they have been of the Lectron MW era and rebranded accordingly.  A pleasant recent surprise!  The model 1102 appeared in the typical INELCO book format and was directly issued by INELCO.  

The model 1102 features the same content as the Braun model 1102.

The model included the School learning binders – one for Electronics 1 and one for Electronics 2.

I especially like the brochure on top of the binders.  The model 3102 is also mentioned.  Lectroneers may recall that the model 3102 was the demonstration version featuring very large blocks suitable for the classroom so as facilitate the teacher/class pedagogical model.

A great model in an interesting packaging presentation!

The Italian seller was initially unwilling to complete the auction with a US buyer citing high shipping costs.  I was able to persuade him to relent and completed the sale on 2022-SEP-14 and received the unit on 2022-SEP-30.