8100 – Aufbaukasten 1

The 8100 was the intermediate expansion model supporting the next 30 experiments in the manual. Some of the more advanced experiments were made possible by the addition of new blocks which included a loudspeaker, an inductor, a tuned coil, and an RF frequency handling transistor.

There were two versions of the model produced.  The difference between the two was the addition of two blocks in the first row.  

Version 2 added a right angle connecting block and a grounding block.  I have not seen a version 2 block placard.

The Raytheon 820 model also initially used both versions of the black 8100 Styrofoam molds. The six block version had a hole between the two 3 block clusters for the earphone block ear piece. The first row right angle, straight through, and grounding blocks were swapped out with an insert and earphone block. When the Egger black Styrofoam mold supplies were exhausted, the Raytheon models then used the white Braun Styrofoam molds.  The white molds were only released with a six block first row.