The Series 2 sold for $22.50 when it was released in 1968. It was the repackaged model 800 which was originally sold by Egger in 1966 as the Mini-Lectron. Braun also sold this set as their Minisystem model.

The experiment count went up to 43 with the addition of the supplementary manual no. 1.

The layout of the Series 2 model.

The Series 2 picture of the kit in the instruction manual was not  updated to reflect the actual production run packaging. The graphic used in the instruction manual also failed to note the changed position of several blocks from the model 800 block layout. Note that the label for the potentiometer points to the switch, the lamp and lamp holder labels point to the potentiometer, and the switch label points to the lamp and lamp holder.  The photo shows the original layout and packaging for the Raytheon 800 model.