1007 – Ausbau: Digitaltechnik (Digital Technology)

The 1007 model is an extension to the combined Start System model (1003) and Ausbausystem (1004) and explores multiple experiments relating to digital technologies. This was the first iteration of this model (A) with the 1107 model adding additional experiments.  As an extension kit, the ownership of the 1003 and 1004 models is presumed/required.

The 1011 model is the stand alone version with all the blocks necessary to conduct the experiments.

Mr. Gerd Kopperschmidt designed this model as an updated version of the model that Mr. Manfred Walter discussed with him in the late Fall of 2000. Mr. Walter’s Digitaltechnik model, which was never productized, was based on 5V CMOS technology. Even in 2001, 5V CMOS technology was dated and being superceded by the 3-15vdc CMOS technology which could be used at 9V. Therefore Mr. Kopperschmidt opted for using the 4000 series of integrated circuits which featured a significant reduction in power consumption over their 5vdc counter parts, better noise immunity, and also used a variable (3 to 15 vdc) voltage source range so that the Lectron standard of 9vdc would be ideal.

The manual is available for downloading/review here.