The Braun Ausbau-system 3 (Experiments in Computer Techniques) was the first substantive new model created for the Lectron System product line and was designed by and the manual written by Mr. Joachim Schubert. It was an extension model so that possession of the Grundsystem (8000) model was required.

The new 264 page 100 experiment instruction manual was published in several languages and of course was included along with a newly designed type of base plate. Unfortunately, it was of inferior quality (as a cost savings measure) compared to the original Egger deluxe base plate and did not even have a Braun brand logo on it.  This type of base plate was used in all the Braun second version iterations.

A standalone model of the Ausbausystem 3, which included all the blocks necessary to complete all the experiments profiled in the 100 experiment instruction manual, was also released as the System 300.  Both models had the unique hinged cover which had first been shown at the Didacta show in 1969 when Braun showed all of its 3 digit prototypes.  

This model covered the emerging electronics field of digital technologies. Rather than use available integrated circuits, Braun used analog components to explore basic digital circuits. The block to the left is the underside of the Flip-Flop block. 

As an interesting historical side note, the Flip-Flop circuit inside the block that Mr. Schubert designed did not ‘Flop’!  Mr. Max Gürth was hired by Mr. Georg Greger (the inventor of the Lectron System) in 1968  to resolve this technical problem and several others. Mr. Gürth, a superior engineer, did so and the Ausbausystem 3 was able to be productized for release in 1969.