This model was first listed by Braun as the 3101 (8 120 010) in the April 1st, 1970 price list. It did not have a power supply. By the January 1st, 1972 price list, the 3101 had become the 3102 (8 120 031) and included the Netzteil (power supply – 8 170 100).

The demonstration model 3102 corresponds to the model 1102 but uses the 81mm x 81mm size blocks. Instead of a meter block however, the 3102 model had a separating block for the connection of existing measuring instruments like an oscilloscope or a very large analog meter. A loud speaker block was substituted for the two earphone blocks.

The demonstration meter is all its glory at the Lectron offices in Frankfurt.

A comparison between the normal sized block and the demonstration block.