8200 – Aufbaukasten 2

The 8200 was the advanced expansion model supporting the last 40 experiments in the experiment manual. Some of the more advanced experiments were made possible by the addition of new blocks which included a high voltage transformer, a relay, a neon bulb, a zener diode, a high voltage diode and capacitor, a normally closed and a normally open switch, and a 2 transistor amplifier.

The 8200 placard showing the correct block layout in the packaging. 

The 8200 model with all the blocks intact. The Egger 8200 model, unlike the 8100 model, retained the silver foil accents through Egger’s Lectron System ownership.  The application of these foil accents was inconsistent.  Sometimes all four accents were placed, and sometimes less as in this case shown on the left.

The foil accents were eliminated (as another cost saving measure) when Braun issued their version of the 8200 in the white Styrofoam packaging during the Fall of 1967.