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        Hi all,
        Today, we’re going to build a lamp flasher using optical feedback.
        Set the LDR module with the opening towards the light bulb.
        The light bulb gives very bright short flashes after adjusting P1.
        Be aware to use this circuit in a dark room for best results !
        Change C1 from 10µF to 100µF to slow down the flashes.

        I will publish 2 versions here, the first using the legacy Lectron parts and the second using the modern parts.
        Here’s already the 1st version :

        Lamp flasher V1

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          Hi all,

          And here’s the version 2 with the modern silicon transistors and contemporary Lectron set.

          Many greetings

          Lamp flasherV2

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            Hi Frank,

            Sorry to be so late in responding to your 2 new circuits.  Please excuse me.  I have been working on several non-Lectron (gasp!) projects and have not been here in almost a month.

            For some reason, I am not getting notified of forum updates.  I will have to look into this!

            So glad to see the LDR featured in your two circuits!  They were used creatively in a legacy Lectron System model – the Kybernetik 1 featuring a light driven ‘car’.

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