Mr. Günther Stabe has once again contributed to the Lectron System Universe by creating TWO very helpful test/diagnostic devices. These units can be used to ascertain whether or not the majority of Lectron System legacy block types are properly functioning or not.  

Both electrolytic and regular capacitors, resistors, NPN and PNP transistors, inductors, diacs, triacs and thyristors can be successfully examined for defect status.

The smaller unit provides more detailed information about a particular component while the larger unit can test multiple component blocks like the 2 stage amplifier.

The larger unit also has an actual AM transmitter so that AM radio circuits can be tested.

The video immediately below showcases the testing of a transistor block and the Ausbausystem 3 logic blocks using the larger tester.

Excellent work Mr. Stabe and thank you!  

5 Thoughts on “Two Types Of Lectron Universal Block Testers Created By Mr. Günther Stabe”

  • Hi Everyone,

    There is a 70 page PDF available for review which features examples (block tester & conventional methods) for nearly all blocks (except CMOS) and combinations. I have to check all these “experiments” with the second -unique- version of this test unit (for Michael) and will try to make a simple video with a couple of tests with the most critical blocks.

    I cannot examine each block in a high-tech way but the basic functions (GO / NO GO) and amplification of e.g. transistors with built-in bias via a rectangle generator (phase shifter) as input and a built-in loudspeaker as a control.

    We have to recall that the very first version of a Lectron block tester was developed around 1969 by Max Guerth
    to check all the AUSBAUSYSTEM 3 (Computertechnik) logic blocks because the Flip flop blocks didn’t flip or flop. So I reconstructed this unit together with Mr. Guerth in 2016 and put a lot of extensions in it – that’s it!

    I hope that within the next weeks I can ship the MP-Tester in a fully tested condition – and with 115V AC 😉


    • Thanks so much Guenther for the additional clarity!

      I can’t wait to receive the tester. With over 200 legacy models, I have a lot of checking to do!

      Thank you also for the history of how the original tester was created by Mr. Guerth. You have always been the innovator!!

      Looking forward to your videos as well, thanks so much for your numerous contributions.

      I would love to have you be a regular Forum contributor as your time permits. Frank is doing a great job in providing new circuits with excellent teaching explanations. Come and join the fun!

      Best regards,

  • This is truly a practical Lectron tester.
    It even displays the most important parameters.
    No need anymore for a dedicated setup for each component under test.
    Can it also be used with legacy transistors with a resistor build in ?
    Can you share a small video with an example of testing a transistor (legacy and modern) ?


    • Hi Frank,

      I will ask Mr. Stabe about the bias resistor transistor blocks. That is a great question! I don’t see any example blocks in that configuration as being testable.

      I don’t have the LUBT in my possession yet so I can’t do a video. Perhaps Mr. Stabe can make one for us.

      Hope that you’re having a great weekend,

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