The Raytheon Series 3 kit was the repackaged Raytheon Electronic Dominoes Model 820. The model 820 was based on the original Egger 8100 model  and the Braun 8100 model but Raytheon eliminated numerous blocks from the original Egger and Braun layout. 

The Series 3 layout in the original release box.

The Series 3 sold for $33.50 when it was released in 1968.

As mentioned in the introductory page, Raytheon reused the Electronic Dominoes manual for the Series 1-3 models. The photos for the Series 2 and Series 3 kits do not reflect the production run packaging as shown above. At least the photos were updated using the white styrofoam packaging but note that the white tape on the middle row still says Lecton 820! 

In another effort to conserve operational costs, Raytheon also repurposed the Series 2 packaging into Series 3 packaging by adding a Series 3 red sticker to cover up the Series 2 lettering. 

Because of this change (the Series 2 box was smaller than the Series 3 box), shrink wrapping rather than the clear plastic mold had to be used for the  block packaging.

With the addition of the supplementary manual no. 1, the experiment count jumped to 56.