The Ausbausystem für Buchlabor or Red Book was the expansion model for the Braun Buchlabor to make it into a  Grundsystem 8000 model.  It was branded by INELCO, and distributed inside the Italian marketplace.

The green sticker was used by Lectron, GmbH – MW on their distributed models, and this iteration of the Red Book was used OUTSIDE the Italian marketplace.

The Red Book featured the trademark INELCO dark green plastic mold packaging. The Red Book is a very rare model in the Lectron System product line. 

The Red Book is a Lectron, GmbH – MW Era model. The Ausbausystem für Buchlabor of any stripe did not appear in any known Braun catalog or price list. Lectron, GmbH – MW Era documents referred to the Ausbausystem für Buchlabor model but the photo in the brochure showed the blocks stored in a cassette tray with the usual packaging and cardboard box.

In the case of the Red Book, there was no visible company name or marking anywhere on the Red Book’s packaging aside from the green tri-language sticker (so I thought at the time of the Red Book acquisition date in 2012. 

The tell tale logo on the right of the side panel identifies it as a Lectron, GmbH – MW era model despite the other Braun branding.

The reader will remember that the original Braun repackaging was used until exhausted before being replaced by the new Lectron, GmbH – MW era packaging as shown below.  The company would keep the identical graphic on all of its subsequent packaging (after the Braun supplies were exhausted) and would distinguish the model type by using different colored sticker tags on the front cover and side panels.

When I acquired my own Red Book, it came with the standard 90 experiment instruction manual but in Italian with the 1100 learning and teaching cards in German using the A5 size format. I just thought that perhaps this was a simple mistake made along the ownership chain and I substituted the Italian manual for a German one.  Mr. Günther Stabe however also possesses a Red Book and his came with a German version of the 90 experiment instruction book. So who knows?

I was looking at the Red Book during the morning of June 13th, 2013 (I guess I had nothing better to do with my time, lol) and noticed a small black line to the left of the green sticker on the bottom left side of the cover. 

At this time, I was not aware of the INELCO origins of the Red Book.  Peeling back the label, imagine my surprise when the following was revealed.

Mystery solved!