The Raytheon Electronic Dominoes model 800, released in 1967 and sold for $21.95, was a repurposed Egger 800 Mini-Lectron which had been announced in March of 1967 but was never sold by Egger due to that company going out of business that same year. Braun released the model 800 as their Minisystem model also in 1967.

The 800 was the basic Lectron System product offered by Raytheon in their first product launch during late 1967. The 800 was later repackaged as the Series 2 for the Raytheon Series models launch in 1968.

The Raytheon 800’s layout is shown in the graphic to the right. Note the use of the black Styrofoam (an Egger left over). The Raytheon production run ultimately transitioned to white Styrofoam packaging once the Egger supplies were exhausted.  As of this writing (2019), I have yet to see a model 800 with the Black Styrofoam. The Lectron.Info museum does have 2 units of the 820 model with the black Styrofoam.

The significant difference between the Egger/Braun 800 version and the Raytheon 800 version of this model is that Raytheon replaced the 2nd earphone block with the photo cell block. That’s why there was a 3rd hole above the lamp block in the packaging which remained unoccupied.

27 experiments were profiled in the 64 page manual. Experiments 23 – 27 were specific only to the 820 model. There were no Add-On kits to make the 800 model into the 820 model. Add-On kits were not introduced by Raytheon until the second phase Series 1-5 models.

As discussed on the Raytheon – Intro page, the graphic to the left purports to represent the Raytheon 800 model packaging, blocks, and base plate. Note that curiously there are two earphone blocks being used by the boy actor. The Raytheon 800 model (and the 820 model) only had 1 earphone block. Also the black Styrofoam packaging is from the Egger era. Finally, the base plate is not branded with the Raytheon name but just the word Lectron, another Egger trait. These facts underscore my position that this cover photo is actually of the never released Mini-Lectron Egger model.

Raytheon followed the Braun practice of using a small (and cheaply made) base plate for both the 800 and 820 models. A simple sticker was placed in the upper left hand corner.