The Ausbausystem 4 – Kybernetik II was the final model that Braun (through Deutsche Lectron) developed for the Lectron System product line. It was another extension system and presumed the ownership of the Grundsystem base model. The Ausbausystem 4 model included the Kybernetik II A4 format instruction manual.

There is no known photograph of the ‘official’ Braun Ausbausystem 4 model. It does not show up in any known Braun price list including the one from January 1st, 1972. The Ausbausystem 4 model was referenced in the Experimentiersysteme section of the Braun published School and Demonstration Systems catalog as being in Vorbereitung (in preparation). My current opinion is that Braun did not release the Ausbausystem 4 model. Perhaps because Deutsche Lectron did not have it ready for mass production or because of the pending transition of the Lectron System to Lectron, GmbH.

The Ausbausystem 4’s formal release would wait until Lectron, GmbH took over the Lectron System product lines from Braun. My evidence is that the Ausbausystem 4 appears in an early Lectron, GmbH era catalog with the word NEU (NEW) as the top caption. If Braun had released it, the word NEU would not have been used.

The Experimentiersysteme product line used white boxes with color graphics on the outside cover but not on the inside. I mention this fact because of a unique piece that I acquired in July of 2013 on eBay.

I have an Ausbausystem 4 box and cover which was taped over by Braun or LectronMW with verbiage that said Ausbausystem 2 even though the content was for the Ausbausystem 2 M and included the Kybernetik I manual rather than the Kybernetik II manual!

Lectroneers will recall that the Ausbausystem 2 was an extension to the Grundsystem and that both models had their origins in the original Egger product line. The Ausbausystem 2 model was always part of the Experimentiersysteme product line. It never was Schülerübungssysteme product (which had the light blue color packaging) which makes the packaging very unusual but likely just a printer’s error.  

The partially peeled label on one side panel revealed the Ausbausystem 4 model name that was originally on the cover. 

The interior side of the cover showed the Schülerübungs-systeme standard graphics with the three languages verbiage and the model identification of Ausbausystem 4 – Kybernetik (but no II nomenclature). In the previously cited Braun catalog which showed the entire Braun product line, the Ausbausystem 4 was shown with the added moniker ‘Kybernetik II’. Lectroneers will recall that the Kybernetik I kit appeared in two models – the Ausbausystem 2 M and in a complete standalone version as the Curriculum Kybernetik.