The Trainer 1102 – W/T model focused on electronics in business and technology.

All the experiments of the 1100 and 1101 were touched on as well as their applications in technology, economy and medicine.

Included experiments examined numerous topics including:

  • A relay with 2 changeover contacts
  • Relay circuits
  • Flashing relays
  • Dimming switch for car park lights
  • Magnetics
  • Induction
  • High voltage transformer
  • Tone generators
  • Transistor pendulum
  • Electronic motor
  • Principles of the alternator
  • Voltage multiplication
  • Principle of the synchronous motor
  • Digital logic –  AND, OR, NOT, NAN, NOR
  • Alternating circuits
  • Power supply LN500 for the same and alternating current study

Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of this manual in the online museum.