Labor Special
This model was the repackaged legacy Egger/Braun 8400 model (which had been retired by the 1969-APR-15 price list) with the Ausbausytem 3 model added.

This model was released by the 1970-APR-01 price list along with the Grundsystem and Ausbausystem 1 models to form a new product line – The Laborsysteme. No known photographs of these models were made by Braun. The photo below of the Labor Special model came from the Italian company INELCO‘s catalog. This particular model is quite rare given its brief commercial appearance.

Labor Spezial SK
By the 1971-MAY-01 price list, the Laborsystem product line was changed again with the Grundsystem and Ausbausystem 1 models removed, the Labor Special remaining, and the Labor Special SK with power supply added. The Labor Special SK grew to five trays and was packaged in a 3 tier metal tray unit. The tray system was designed for the academic classroom setting. At 990 DMs, this was Braun‘s most expensive model to date. Few hobbyists could afford to buy this model!.

By the 1972-JAN-01 price list, the Labor Special was removed and the SK’s price was raised to 1048 DMs.

The SK model in the 3 stacking metal tray
This acquisition was made in February of 2013 but unfortunately was missing some blocks, the motors, the power supply, and the ‘School Edition” Elektrik II Lehr-und Lernkartei (teaching and learning cards) documentation. Nevertheless, it makes a great source of spare parts if needed.

The Spezial SK in all its laid out glory!