The Grundsystem (8000) was Braun‘s base Lectron System model and featured a deluxe base plate, instruction manual detailing 90 experiments and the blocks needed to perform 20 experiments. It was a direct copy of the Egger 8000 model with the exception of the packaging – white styrofoam instead of black, a light gray top and bottom trim instead of blue on the deluxe base plate, and a thicker and more durable box.

The design team of Dr. Dieter Rams at Braun adopted a more modern look to the packaging and cover graphics to emphasize the shift of their marketing focus to the academic community rather than to the hobbyist community.

The focus of this model was ‘Modern Electronics‘ and designed to introduce the student/hobbyist to basic electronics concepts through practical circuits.

There would be two versions produced by Braun of all the original Egger 8000, 8100, 8200, and 8300 models.  The first version, as pictured below, would retain the Styrofoam packaging along with the tiltable deluxe base plate (shown above).

The second version would substitute the Styrofoam packaging for vacuum formed plastic trays.  Unused rows would have a ‘Reserve’ sticker placed in the middle of the empty row.  Sadly, the 2nd  version also eliminated the ‘ready to go’ multi-vibrator circuit that was formed within the Styrofoam packaging.

Other version 2 changes would include a different (and less costly) NON tilting ground plate.  The box cover would also include English and French translations of the model’s descriptive verbiage.  The metal branding plate located on the Styrofoam packaging was also eliminated.

Braun showed respect to the Egger legacy by retaining the credits from the Egger version of the instruction manual.

In order to whet the appetite of the Lectron System purchaser, the complete 90 experiment roster was presented in the opening pages of the instruction manual.