1004 – Ausbau: Ausbau-Systeme (Expansion System)

The Expansion model (1004) replicates the original Egger 8200 model but features the addition of a power supply and AC/DC power block. The DC voltage can be adjusted from 1.25VDC to 12VDC. The AC voltage is fixed at 12VAC. The tuner block was also allocated to this model.

The Start-System (1003) and the Expansion model (1004) combine to replicate the original Egger 8400 (8000+8100+8200) model which Egger introduced as their vocational school model and it included two large base plates that could be tilted up with an attached stand piece.  The 1004 tray is shown on the right side of the below graphic.

The manual is available here.