This is a very rare model which Mr. Günther Stabe made possible for Lectron.Info to acquire. Per Mr. Stabe, this model was produced as a part of an ongoing German educational TV series (Telekolleg) in the 1970’s.

The Telekolleg I program service was initiated on January 2nd, 1967 and was broadcast only in Bavaria. The program offered the opportunity to acquire the middle school certification and it provided, among other things, a 51-part language course ‘English for beginners’. In 1972 Telekolleg II was added, which resulted in two years of upper secondary education. This was when a program was developed for electricity and electronics. The Lectron System had an important role to play in this program.

The graphic below is from the first page of the manual which explored 32 experiments.

Participants in the Telekolleg program were expected to purchase the necessary books and materials to participate in the program. Braun was commissioned to create a Lectron System model for use in the Telekolleg curriculum.

Today, Telekolleg operates a comprehensive set of courses and has expanded its coverage throughout Germany. The website is