The Training System model (1102) explores general electronics through 57 experiments. The 1102 and the Expansion model to the Training System (1104) combine to make the Electronics AG model (1103). The 1102 and 1104 models are each packaged in a sturdy black carrying case. The 1102 also has a teacher’s version of the instruction manual which provides more theory to support detailed explanations of the experiments.

The 1102 is a completely revised version of the original Braun Schülerübungs Systeme 1102 model by Gerd Kopperschmidt. Most of the drawings are similar as is the verbiage to the original Elektronik I and II curriculum guides. The diagrams were changed to reflect the negative ground standard which had replaced the positive ground system used in the Egger, Braun, and Lectron – MW era schematics.

The Electronics AG model (1103) combines the 1102 and 1104 trays which provide all the blocks necessary to conduct the experiments profiled in the 1102 and 1103 instruction manuals.

When I purchased the Special Laboratory model (1210) in 2013, I only received the 1102 and 1103 instruction manuals. There is no individual 1104 instruction manual or a separate 1104 model. If you order the 1104 model you get the 1104 tray with the 1103 manual which covers the additional 64 experiments.