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        Hi all,

        Since it”s a rainy and cold day, let’s have some fun with the Lectron system !
        Today we are going to build a outstanding alarm sound based around the 555 timer.
        Lectron RWO built a module that has the 555 timer chip incorporated.

        As soon the power is activated (by pressing the switch) a notable sound will be produced that can’t be unheard !

        Who can explain what happens here ?

        Many greetings

        Alarm sound generator

        alarm generator build

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          Once again, you have come up with an interesting demonstration Frank!

          You have introduced a more contemporary Lectron System block as well with the 555 timer block, a mainstay in digital circuit design so long ago.  Love it!

          I would imagine that the 47uF cap has something to do with the timing of the trigger to generate the sound but I am not an engineer as you are!

          Thanks so much for keeping things going here!


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