Heinz Saucke was the author of two manuals for the Lectron System product line.

The first was Was Ist Elektronik?, (the instruction manual for the Braun Buchlabor model – the manual may be reviewed/downloaded on the Braun documentation page).  This model was created to introduce younger children to electronics. Mr. Jules Stauber was the drawings artist for the manual.

The second was for the Model Physik Experimentell. This model was a collaboration between Mr. Manfred Walter and himself and was released in 1975.  It seems he designed the layout and content of both the manual and the model itself as is evidenced by the graphic to the left.  What exactly Mr. Walter contributed to this project is uncertain except for perhaps leveraging the publisher (Diesterweg) relationship he had developed from prior endeavors.

Not much is known about Mr. Saucke’s life at the time of this writing (2021-JUN-25).  In 1975, Mr. Saucke lived at Rostocker Strasse 9 in Winsen/Aller 3101, GERMANY. Unfortunately, I can’t even be certain which obituary card is actually his (presuming that one of them is). 

I will hazard a semi-educated guess that the obituary card below matches ‘our’ Heinz Saucke as the town of Wietze is only a few miles away from his 1970’s  home town of Winsen/Aller.  Additionally, his vocation is listed as ‘Realschullehrer i.R.’ which translated means ‘junior high school teacher’.  This vocation would have  been consistent with his contributions to the Lectron System as an educator.