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        Hi all,

        Today, I present a weird kind of oscillator.
        When switching the power on, a tone can be heard from the speaker and the light bulb will blink.
        You can use different values for C1 and see how the circuit reacts.
        Can you guess what kind of output (triangle, sine, square, sawtooth,…) this Oscillator produces ?
        Have fun !

        Here are 2 possible setups, V1 using legacy parts and V2 using modern parts :

        Transistor oscillator V1

        Transistor oscillatorV2

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          Hi Frank,

          Thanks so much for these two new circuits!  I really appreciate, and I am sure our fellow Lectroneers do as well, your creating legacy and current Lectron System versions.  There are far more legacy models out there than current models.

          Hope that you are having a great Spring!


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