During my examination of the Braun archives while visiting the Reha Werkstatt Oberrad (RWO) in November of 2013, I came across photographs of 3 digit numbered models that I had not seen before. These seem to be packaged prototypes in cassettes which do not appear to have been formally productized or sold. I have not seen them in any Braun catalog or price list. The verbiage in three languages was a hallmark of the cassette versions which replaced the initial Styrofoam mold packaging versions. One model (111) shows a motor with N and S magnets which Braun never released.

All of these prototype models used a more expensive hinged cover arrangement. That feature would be retained only for the Ausbausystem 3System 300 and System 300 S models which were productized.

These seem to have only appeared at the Didacta – Europaische Lehrmittelmesse show in Hanover on June 7th through the 11th in 1968. The photo below is from that show. To my current knowledge, these models did not appear again at any other show and were not listed in price lists or shown in catalogs.

Model 100
The 100 was akin to the Braun Grundsystem model in that it was the ‘starter’ that the subsequent Ausbausystem prototypes would build upon cumulatively.

Braun Lectron Prototype 100

Model 101
The Model 101 required the model 100 to complete experiments focused on radio techniques culminating in the AM radio experiment. It appears that a two section antenna was also included in this model. This antenna never appeared in any other Lectron System model, Braun or otherwise.

Braun Lectron Prototype 101

Model 102
The Model 102 focused on lighting and heating techniques and required the 100 and 101 models to complete its experiments.

Braun Lectron Prototype 102

Model 111
The Model 111 used the motor and N and S magnets for the first time. This was the first and last time, to my knowledge, that these parts were used in a Braun model.

Braun Lectron Prototype 111

Model 1/200
The Model 1/200 reviews low frequency circuitry, and examines stereophony – a topic never examined or discussed in any of the other Braun productized models or published instruction manuals. Note that the 100, 101, and 102 models were required to complete the experiments for the 200 model.

Braun Lectron Prototype 1/200

Model 2/201
The Model 2/201 examined control and measuring techniques. Note that the 100, 101, and 102 models and the model 200 were required to complete the experiments in the model 201.

Braun Lectron Prototype 2/201

I cannot state authoritatively why these models were never productized.  Braun did not decide to discontinue the Lectron System until 1971 and these prototypes were shown in 1968.  Perhaps it was a matter of costs as the hinged packaging was more expensive to produce than the standard cardboard lids. Or possibly because of the cumulative purchasing requirement – to complete the experiments for the model 1/200, the customer had to purchase the 100, 101, and 102 models.  Just another one of the numerous Lectron System mysteries!

Even the numbering scheme did not persist except for use in the System 300, which had the largest packaging that Braun ever produced and was the first Braun standalone model (disregarding the Labor models) by not requiring the purchase of other models.

The Ausbausystem 3 also used the hinged lid.