1001 – Buchlabor (Book Laboratory)

The Buchlabor model (1001) originated in the Braun Era. The 1001 was designed (and won several prizes over the years) to introduce younger children to basic electrical and electronic theory with the help of ‘electron’,  a cartoon character guide and friend.

Several physical changes were applied to the LectronRWO version of this model.

The ‘book’ form packaging of the model was replaced with a simple white case. The cover of the manual was also changed to match the new graphics style of the LectronRWO models.

The blocks were housed in the traditional cassette tray style packaging that had been introduced during the Braun era. 

The block and part content remained the same as the Braun Era and LectronMW era content including the paper decal to convert the large block into a large single transistor function block.