The Baustein Sätze (Block Sets) concept originated with Egger-Bahn‘s Lectron System product launch back in 1966.  This product line was not released by Egger-Bahn due to the company going out of business in the Fall of 1967.

The Baustein Sätze product line was first publicly shown by Braun at the Spielwarenmess (Toy Show) of 1968 held in Nürnberg from Feb 10th through 16th 1968.

Braun intended to sell about 41 ‘accessory’ Lectron System block packs. These could be used  to accommodate needed block replacements or be a source of supplementary blocks to support ad hoc experiment development.  The blister packs were first listed in Braun’s 1968-JAN-01 price list as shown below.

Their last appearance in the price lists was 1969-APR-15 and included the Ausbausystem 3 digital logic blocks.  By the 1969-JUL-01 price list, the Baustein Sätze product line was discontinued in favor of just listing and selling individual parts.

In hommage, Mr. Günther Stabe prepared the following mockup graphic showing all the blister packs as listed in the last 1969 price list.

In December of 2021, I was finally able to acquire an original Braun Baustein Sätze unit, part #4028.