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What is the Lectron System?

Since its 1966 introduction by Egger-Bahn (the well-known 9mm toy train company) in Germany, the Lectron System continues to be considered a unique and highly innovative way of teaching analog and digital electronics.  From Egger-Bahn’s English translation of their 1966-1967 catalog:

The Lectron System was in fact available for purchase in Germany during the Fall of 1966 and was available outside of Germany starting in 1967.  For a more complete discussion, please visit the following Forum topic – What is the Lectron System?

The Lectron System Featured at the 1967 Nürnberg Toy Show

Who Invented The Lectron System?

Despite many ‘authorities’ attributing the Lectron System’s invention to others (including to Dieter Rams), Georg Franz Greger, Dipl.-Ing, was the true and sole inventor and he proudly displays his creation for a publicity still taken on 1966-OCT-20.

Patented on 1965-MAY-08, the Lectron System was introduced by Egger-Bahn at the 1966 Spielwarenmesse (Toy Fair) held during that February. The Lectron System was hailed as a major achievement in teaching electronics.  Mr. Greger was awarded the prestigious Münchener Elektronik-Preis ‘First Prize’ at the Electronica show that same year.

Dr. Leo Steipe presents Mr. Georg Greger with the first prize check at the Electronica show in October of 1966.

The Lectron System was one of the leading exhibits at the 1967 Spielwarenmesse and numerous prominent Bavarian politicians stopped by the exhibit to receive a demonstration.

In the photo below (taken on 1967-FEB-11), going from left to right starting with Mr. Greger we have an unidentified female, Dr. Otto Schedl (standing with black moustache) 1912-DEC-10 — 1995-JUN-08, Bavarian minister of economy and transport and Christian Social Union (CSU) party member, Dr. Alfons Goppel (seated with outstreched hand) 1905-OCT-01 — 1991-DEC-24, Prime Minister of Bavaria 1962 – 1978 and CSU party member, unidentified male, and Mrs. Käte Strobel (née Müller) 1907-JUL-23 — 1996-MAR-26, Department of Health minister and Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) party member.

Lectron System Manufacturing Facility (1967 - 1972) | Deutsche Lectron

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