The Demonstration 1300 – Boolean Algebra model was designed by Mr. Horst Blüm to aid classroom instruction and demonstrations of basic logic and Boolean Algebra.

It was released between November 1st, 1969 and April 1st, 1970 according to the published Braun price lists. As the second paragraph in the cut sheet below states, this model was released in response to the October 3rd, 1968 Resolution of the Standing Conference that emphasized the importance of Boolean Algebra being taught in the general education curriculum of German schools as a part of the modernization of mathematics initiative.

The below graphic give a thorough description of the 1300 model and shows it being used in a typical classroom application.

The design of the new block symbols for this model was the work of Dietrich Lubs, the deputy Chief of Design at Braun under Dieter Rams.

The majority of the blocks were 3x (81mm x 81mm) the size of the normal sized blocks. A special normal sized battery block was provided with rechargeable ni-cad cells inside to provide the needed 3.6 (3 x 1.22) VDC. A power supply was also included to charge the battery block. This model was the first to incorporate integrated circuits using RTL (resistor transistor logic) in the blocks. The Ausbausystem 3 used individual analog components to simulate digital functions like a NOR gate.

The 1300 instruction manual (Boolesche Algebra) was also included with the 1300 model and was published exclusively in the A 4 format. The 1300 model that I purchased did not come with the instruction manual. I am indebted to Mr. Norbert Cahn von Seelen for his generosity in giving me an original (and very rare) copy. Unfortunately, the 1300 manual was never published in English.

An important accessory that was available for purchase was the large demonstration ground plate that was typically mounted on a classroom wall.  The last known unit is currently located at the Lectron offices in Frankfurt.