8300 – Super Lectron A

The 8300 was a model combining the 8000 and 8100 models. It therefore contained the instruction manual and the blue edged deluxe base plate in addition to all the blocks from the 8000 and 8100 models. The first 50 experiments in the manual were supported.

A clever packaging design was featured in both the 8000 and 8300 models. The reader will note that there is a small area of the ground plate showing through the gaps of an assembled multi-vibrator circuit on the left side of the packaging. If the battery block was switched on (with a live battery) and placed in the rectangular gap adjacent to the right-hand side of the light block, the circuit would function. Instant gratification!

The 8300 model had two versions.  The first version is pictured above. 

The 2nd later version added two blocks – one in row 3 (right angle block) and one in row 4 (grounding block).  Braun would continue with the same layout for the 8300 during their initial roll out of the Lectron System in the Fall of 1967.