Since its marketplace introduction in 1966, the Lectron System was popular with resellers and Egger Bahn leveraged its international sales arrangements for the Lectron System in a similar manner to its 9mm railroad product line.

Some companies were simple distributors such as Technowa and Reyne and Son in the Netherlands. These resellers also introduced wooden cases for certain larger models like the 8300 and 8400.  Technowa even uniquely introduced an 8500 model which featured two manuals in addition to the two base plates which the 8400 had.

Other companies such as Raytheon rebranded the Lectron System entirely, often not even acknowledging the origins of the Lectron System to Egger Bahn.

This approach would continue during both the Braun and LectronMW eras.  As examples, INELCO, Creative Playthings and Kimble rebranded the Lectron System while Adlab, KOSMOS, Italharvey,  and Ideas for Education were distributors.  

At the time of this writing (2021), there are no longer any distributors or rebranding resellers for the Lectron System.  The sole seller of the Lectron System is through Lectron, GmbH which is part of the Reha Werkstatt organization in Frankfurt, GERMANY.