Well, this should be an interesting journey!  I have about 3 weeks of WordPress experience under my belt and have gotten the basic infrastructure of Lectron.Info in place.  More features will be added as I get more familiar with the WP platform and the wealth of plugins available which put the power into the content creators without requiring a deep coder knowledge base 😉.

Today I was able to get the ‘Contact the Curator’ email function working with Lectron.Info registrant Frank J. giving it a test earlier this evening.  All seems to be well.

I was also able to devise a custom widget that showed only certain meta fields of information.  This was valuable for ACL controlled pages.

The next big step is developing the overall menu structure for the site.  Still pondering what the best way to do that is given the wide variety of information that I have to present.  Multiple vendors over 53 years, many different models, Lectron Luminaries (those individuals who over the years have ensured the viability and excellence of the Lectron System since 1966 until now), Lectron System care tips, and perhaps most importantly the Lectron System history.

Lots to do but I think that the effort will be worthwhile.  I am very grateful to the Lectron System aficionados who are offering suggestions on how to improve the Lectron.Info site.

Thank you to all!

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