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        Hi all,

        After experimenting with the Schmitt trigger, build with discrete components, let’s study the module included with the 300 expansion set (Computer electronics).

        This is the diagram of the module :

        Schmitt trigger module

        And here some pictures :

        Schmitt trigger closeup

        If we build following circuit, you’ll see that its behaviour is just the same as the circuit with discrete components.

        Schmitt trigger module

        Some questions :

        • Can anyone explain the working principle ?
        • Do you think it would harm transistor T1 if we connect its base directly to the Schmitt trigger’s output ?
        • What do you think will happen when we use a smaller value for R3 ?
        • Try it out to see for yourself !

        Many greetings,


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          Thank you for developing new uses of the legacy ST module from the Ausbausystem 3 model.  So glad that your modules are still working after all these years!  This model (and its full-blooded companion the System 300) came out in about 1969 and it is still serving a useful purpose with your excellent tutorials.  Thank you.

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