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        Hi all,

        Today I received the Lectron Op Amp System 1205, which I ordered last week. I was hesitating just before that between a second hand system or a new one.

        Well, if you are also unsure, the new system has lots of advantages, it features new modern components, integrated circuits, and a plentiful variety of experiments. The blocks have new contact plates as well.

        And the cool part is that circuits of yesteryears can also be built. Some of the new systems have also PNP Germanium transistors included !

        As far as the Op Amp 1205 concerns, it has the trays of Start and Ausbausystem, Übung system, Digital technik,  Op Amp.

        I will post more info on this upcoming week.



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          Hi Frank,

          Congratulations on your new acquisition!  The 1205 model should provide hours of entertainment and learning.  I look forward to hearing all about your experiences.  Spare no details!


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